Common Plastic Surgery Procedures to Enhance Body Structures

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity, not just among women, but among men as well.Plastic surgery procedures are now increasingly sought after by both men and women looking for a youthful body contour. Experienced plastic surgeons can help take years off your face and body. This article from Costmetic Surgery Boston, briefs you on some of the common plastic surgery procedures offered in the US to enhance body structures.

Common Procedures for Plastic Surgery

Result-oriented Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures

Liposuction – Liposuction is a procedure to eliminate redundant fat deposits in the body. It is also known by other terms such as lipolysis, suction lipectomy, and lipoaspiration. The process can get rid of stubborn fat deposits from small and vast areas of the body using modern technology and techniques. The face, neck, breasts, flanks, inner and outer thighs, calves, back, knee, abdomen, arms, and outer hips, are some of the areas that can be treated with the procedure.

Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty) – Breast augmentation or enlargement is carried out using saline or silicone implants. The procedure involves the introduction of an implant in the area of the breast to create an aesthetically appealing breast form. The three most common areas of incision for the procedure are beneath the breast, through the armpit, and around the areola.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) – A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure directed at shaping and toning the lower abdominal region after getting rid of the excess skin and fat. There are two different kinds of abdominoplasty procedures namely the high lateral tension abdominoplasty and the standard abdominoplasty. The high lateral tension abdominoplasty allows for a more dramatic effect on the waistline. Change is brought about by inward pull of the midsection resulting in an hourglass-type figure. This procedure is ideal for thin patients with excess skin mostly in the lower abdomen. The incisions for high lateral tension abdominoplasty start low in the pubic and move upwards, and remain hidden in most high-riding bikinis. The standard abdominoplasty involves a more gradual and central lower incision. This type is most suitable for patients with dispersed abdominal tissues, calling for excision of larger quantities of skin.

Breast Reconstruction – There are several different options for breast reconstruction. This cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is usually carried out after a partial or full mastectomy. The procedure helps to reconstruct the breasts to restore the woman’s sense of self-esteem and womanliness. One of the revolutionary techniques of breast reconstruction is the DIEP flap method. The procedure involves the transfer of particular blood vessels, skin and fat of the abdomen’s DIEP (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator) tissue to the chest to establish a connection with the blood vessels already there in the chest area. The resulting breast is soft and looks and feels natural.

Get the Procedure Done by a Professional Plastic Surgeon

Apart from the procedures mentioned above, some other common plastic surgery procedures to enhance body structures are the breast lift and breast reduction. Whichever be the procedure you are interested in, ensure that you have it done by an experienced and professional plastic surgeon.



When you want a dramatic change to achieve a more youthful appearance, a face-lift, or rhytidectomy, can be the answer. It’s the most striking way to remove or reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sagging caused by age. A face-lift won’t stop the aging process, but it can help you achieve a firmer, fresher looking face. Some women say they look up to ten years younger after the surgery.

A facelift is generally considered to be a repositioning of the skin around the patients face combined with a tightening of the facial muscle structures and deep skin tissue. This then gives the patient a more youthful and fresh appearance.


Most visible signs of aging can be removed or modified with a face lift by removing access fat tissue from around the chin and neck, the underlying muscles in the face are then tightened and the skin subtly repositioned to remove facial wrinkles and brow lines. Most people in their forties and above can benefit from a face lift which will make then look younger and will give you a renewed feeling of self confidence.


A face-lift is designed to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin on the face, under the chin and along the jaw line. During the procedure, a surgeon will make incisions around your ears and hairline to help reduce the appearance of scars. The skin is then lifted up, facial and neck muscles are tightened, and excess skin is removed to give you a defined profile.

Sometimes a face-lift is combined with other cosmetic procedures such as an eyelid lift, laser facial resurfacing, forehead lift, or liposuction of the neck.



Most people who choose to have a face-lift are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, although the procedure can be done on people in their 70s or 80s. People who are considered good candidates for a face-lift have strong, well-defined bone structures and skin that still has some elasticity.



It’s important to have realistic expectations when considering a face-lift. A face-lift can help you look younger and fresher, but it will not create a totally different look. A face-lift will not restore heath or vitality, and it won’t affect the thickness of your skin or change your skin tone. It’s also important not to expect instant results—sometimes it can take up to six months to see the final result.


Your Boston plastic surgeon can help you understand what results you can expect and can advise you on combining your face-lift with other procedures.